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HTML 5 is the new version of the HTML standard. Informally it also refers to the things made possible by new scripting APIs, new features in CSS, and the wider adoption of standards-compliant browsers.

As the first major update to HTML since 2001, HTML 5 acknowledges the way people actually build websites and offers standard, browser-provided implementations of relatively complicated features developers used to have to write for themselves. The W3C inches along with all the speed of a glacier bolted to the ground, so this new draft is a very welcome development.

In practical terms, it adds support for (among other things): a standard canvas tag that lets Javascript draw arbitrary shapes, audio and video tags as an alternative to Flash for media players, handy tags like article, nav, and footer for common page elements, and a nice new date-picker. The new APIs let us do things like play music, work with local files, and get the user’s physical location in the world. CSS3 features like animations and transitions sometimes get lumped in there too.

All these things together let us build rich web- and offline apps, 2D and even 3D browser games, location-based search and services, and all the other awesome things people are pulling right out of the future.

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  • Introduction
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Details of HTML tags
  • HTML 5
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Any Student Who had pass 10th , 12th , degree or equivalent couse.

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